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We will discuss treatment options with you before ever breaching the subject of surgery.

Pain Diagnoses

Our Doctors main goal is to diagnose the primary source of your pain, and move you to the road to recovery.



Our Doctors will evaluate your pain.  We are a no-cut office, as we belive that all other options must be exhausted before surgery.

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At Interventional Spine Associates, We Specialize in Pain Management.

Our Physicians at Interventional Spine Associates in Tyler texas is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist who offers a variety of methods to diagnose and treat problems such as spinal joint and disc pain, various nerve disordersm phantom limb pain, neuropathies, intractable headaches, and neuropathic pain including trigeminal neralgia and occipital neuralgia.

Our Physician offer a number of interventions including transforaminal nerve block for thoracic and cervical nerve root irritation, and radiological frequency neuroablation for facet complaints.  Our practice also includes diagnostic discography and various interventions that discrup the nerves in painful discs such as nucleoplasty and disktrode.

For the patient with chronic pain that hasn't responded to surgery or the above therapies (from 1% -10% of the average back pain population), there now is more hope for functional recovery.  Our article on spinal cord stimulation explains how this may be the answer for certain select patients.

For both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes we offer nerve blocks, epidural steroid injectionsm neuroablations procedures, discography, spinal cord stimulation, and peripheral nerve stimulation. Recently we have added to our practice autologous growth factor, and stem cell injections for musculoskeketal disorders including degenerative joints and tendinopathy.

Autologous Growth Factor 

Stem Cell Injections


Non-Surgical Pain relef with Coolief Cooled Radiofrequency