Motor Vehicle Injuries

Although we would like to think that we are never going to get in an automobile accident, it is likely that you will be in at least one accident during the time that you are alive. Unfortunately, automobile accidents are very common in the United States, and countrywide, a death due to automobile accident occurs approximately every 12 minutes. Injuries are also very common and they take place countrywide at a rate of one every 10 seconds. When you also factor in the statistic that it is the leading cause of death between individuals who are 5-34, it is certainly worthy of your attention.

Unfortunately, the injuries that are associated with automobile accidents are sometimes quite severe. This is especially true when it involves the central nervous system and any type of trauma occurs to the spinal cord or spinal column. This is a very common problem in car accidents because of the type of trauma that occurs to the body during the crash.

Unfortunately, one of the more serious issues that may result from motor vehicle injuries is paralysis. Most people assume that the spinal cord needs to be severed in order for paralysis to occur but that is not true. It is also possible for it to take place if unnatural pressure is being pressed on the spinal cord or if it is stretched or bruised. If that is the case, it may not be able to properly send signals during the time that it is injured to and from the brain and you may lose mobility in part of the body.