Post Laminectomy Syndrome

There are many different treatments available for back and spine injuries but in some cases, it may require surgery. This is often due to a nerve being compressed because of a ruptured disc or other problems in the spine. If you have such a surgery but the pain continues to persist, it is a problem that is known as post laminectomy syndrome. It may also be described by the name, failed back surgery.

A number of issues may give rise to this condition. One of the problems that can occur is that the surgery may go well and the pressure is taken off of the nerve that has been pinched but the nerve doesn't fully heal and recover. Although the pressure is no longer on the nerve, the damage to the nerve can still lead to sciatica and ongoing pain. Scar formation from the surgery that surrounds the nerve may also be a cause of post laminectomy syndrome as well.

Most people with this condition claim that the pain is very similar to what they experienced before they had surgery. It may also result in new pain or a stabbing, sharp pain. The spinal column may also be the focal point of an aching sensation as well.

Although this type of problem can be stressful, there are options available that may help to reduce some of the pain that you are experiencing. It is often a matter of pain management that takes place to relieve some of the symptoms that occur as a result of the continued pain. Other treatment options may include spinal cord stimulation, epidural nerve block and facet joint injections.