Intrathecal Pump Implants

At times, a problem with back pain cannot be resolved either through surgery or through a nonsurgical option. One of the treatments that may be suggested if you have a problem with back pain that cannot be otherwise controlled is the use of intrathecal implants, sometimes referred to as spinal cord stimulator implants. This is especially the case if you have leg pain that is perhaps even stronger than the back pain that you are experiencing. When one of these implants is used, it can block the electrical signals that are transmitting pain to the brain and reduce your need for medication.

You will be awake during this procedure, and small electrodes will be placed underneath the skin in the area of the lower back. It makes it possible for an electrical current to be sent to the area, something that feels like a tingling sensation to most people. The electrical signal that is carried by the implants is sometimes enough to disrupt the nerve signals that are transmitting the pain that you are experiencing.