Physical Therapy

One of the more common options for treating the problem with pain is for physical therapy to be considered. It can either be done in the presence of a qualified physical therapist or your doctor may give you options for therapy that you can do at home. The purpose of this nonsurgical treatment is to increase the flexibility and stability of the area, as well as to build the strength of the muscles that support the area that is experiencing problem. Strengthening the muscles is not only helpful for the pain directly; it is also helpful for your overall health.

One of the options for therapy that may be considered is manual therapy. This is done in the presence of a qualified physical therapist that has training for dealing with spinal injuries and problems. It is different than going to a general therapist, because they may be able to help with a number of options and they are not schooled specifically for spinal problems. During manual therapy, the technique will involve the therapist using their hands on your body to relieve the pain that you are experiencing. It may be that they move the vertebrae or the soft tissue, but it is done manually by the therapist.