Racz Procedures / Adhesiolysis

When you suffer from a problem with epidural fibrosis, you may be given a number of options to help reduce the discomfort that you are experiencing. Some of the options that may be considered for this condition include medication, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections. Although those options are frequently successful when treating a problem with epidural fibrosis, there may be times when another form of treatment is necessary. If you are suffering from ongoing symptoms after other forms of treatment have been tried, then Racz Procedures / Adhesiolysis may be an option that can help.

This solution, which is also known as a pre-cutaneous epidural adhesiolysis is done in an outpatient procedure and it is something that can help to reduce the spinal pain that is a problem for you. After being provided with a local anesthetic, a catheter is put into the area, which will help to open the area around the nerve that is being affected. After receiving this type of treatment, your doctor may request that you continue with physical therapy to help stretch the area around the nerve root further and reduce the possibility for additional problems.