Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Lower back pain is a relatively common problem and it is often an issue with the sacroiliac joint. If you suffer from pain in your lower back and the area of your buttocks, it may be a problem with that joint, which connects the pelvis to the lower part of the spine on either side of the body. A difficulty with the sacroiliac joint can cause pain in the general area, as well as groin pain and even symptoms that extend down the legs.

If your doctor feels that sacroiliac joint injections will assist you in the pain that you are experiencing, you will be given the procedure while lying on your stomach so that your doctor can have access to your back. A little bit of numbing medicine will be applied to the area and then an x-ray will be used to guide a needle into the area that is being affected. After the placement of the needle has been confirmed in the sacroiliac joint, medication will be injected. Typically, it will include a pain relieving medication that will give you quick relief and a steroid, which will help to reduce inflammation for the long-term. Your doctor may also feel that both of the sacroiliac joints may need to be given the same injection.

After you have been given sacroiliac joint injections, your doctor may want you to stand up and move around, trying to cause the same pain that you were experiencing before the procedure. In addition, he will likely want you to keep track of your pain on a daily basis and then discuss the information with him during a follow-up visit or, if directed to do so, by mailing the information to him.