Spine Conditions

The spine is a very intricate part of the human body and it can cause some significant difficulties, when there is a problem in the area. Not only can result in back pain in the direct area where the condition is occurring, it can also result in radiating pain and other symptoms that extend down the arms and legs.

Of course, not every problem with back pain is a difficulty with the spine. There are many times when back pain is a simple matter of a pulled muscle or some type of strain, both of which may be able to be relieved through physical therapy or bed rest. If you do have a problem with any type of pain and you suspect that it may be a difficulty with the spine, it is always best to seek the advice of a qualified physician.

There are also some important things to keep in mind that will alert you to a possible problem, which would require that you go to a specialist quickly. One of the obvious problems is if you have any type of trauma, such as a car accident or if you have a slip and fall accident and experience back pain as a result. It could be as serious as fractured vertebrae, so getting help immediately can help to reduce the problems you experience.

Another problem that should be considered is any time you experience persistent pain to the area of the back or neck that continues to be a problem for several days. Additionally, when you have radicular pain, which is pain that radiates to the arms and legs, it is a good idea to see a spine specialist quickly so that you can be evaluated and get the help that you need.

Some of the symptoms that you could be dealing with a severe problem include a loss of bladder or bowel control. If you have those difficulties along with any type of back pain, it could be the signal that a significant problem exists and unless you get it cared for properly, it could result in permanent nerve damage.

Additionally, if you have pain, weakness or numbness that extends below the knee or elbow, it is something that should be discussed with a doctor immediately. Finally, if your toe is dragging while you are walking, it is potentially a serious neurological problem and could result in permanent damage if it is not cared for right away.