Spinal Deformity

Back pain and other difficulties with the spine are a fairly common complaint but at times, they may occur due to deformities that occur in the spine. This may either be from birth or it could be a deformity that occurs as the spine is growing. Some of the more common issues that are associated with spinal deformity include scoliosis and kyphosis.

If you look at the spine from the back, it is in a straight line from the bottom of the spine up through the neck. From the side, however, there is a slight curvature to the spine and this is normal. When an individual is dealing with a spinal irregularity, such as scoliosis, it often involves a curvature to the spine that is abnormal. In the case of scoliosis, the spine may be curving to the side but in the case of kyphosis, the upper back may be abnormally and perhaps severely rounded. There may also be other deformities that could lead to problems as well.

Although problems with deformities of the spine could occur at any age, adolescents are more likely to experience these difficulties. It is not fully known why the problem takes place, but it may be due to abnormal muscle growth or bone structure. As the problem continues to progress, treatment may become necessary and it could even lead to a permanent disability, if it is not treated properly. These difficulties can be minimized or perhaps corrected, however, if treatments take place in a timely fashion.